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Painting is a way to refocus on myself.

- A form of spirituality,

- An invitation to look at the world from a different angle

"La sculptor who transforms everything into a work of art"

L'Essort Savoyard

Obtaining the official Muliardo FQD rating by Artmajeur in December 2020.

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- Silver medal "Sculpture POP ART" by the Society of Arts Sciences and Letters in Paris,room Opera

- Gold medal in the category  "Sculpture" for all of his work by the Society of Francophone Authors and Artists (SAAF) in Dissay, October 2020.

- "Revelation 2019" at the 24th edition of Art Shopping at the Carroussel du Louvre in Paris, October 2019.

- Encouragement of members of the Luxembourg Art Prize in 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022



new teeth

Tax-exempt your purchases of works signed  MULIARDO FQD

The acquisition of works of art is a means of benefiting from a tax reduction for individuals and companies. Companies can in fact deduct 20% of the purchase price of an original work by a living artist from their corporation tax each year for 5 years.

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