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You who were laughing out loud, it seemed obvious to me to recreate the time of a work, this unfailing complicity that united me to you.



Today mainly, his Art has developed a new subject: the tooth.

Florence MULIARDO knew how to divert  this atypical sculpture, challenging and colorful, in a material that allows her to evolve it as she pleases. She even allows herself to work it in XXL sizes. 

For Florence teeth symbolize life.

With two firmly established roots, they carry, according to her, the living, sharing and the family.



Florence  MULIARDO also devotes herself to painting. It is also the first art she discovered, allowing her to interpret her dreams and bring her emotions to life.



Tatouge Muliardo 2021 (1).png

Florence MULIARDO is a visual artist, self-taught, recognized under the brand MULIARDO FQD. She revealed her talent with her incredible sculptures of women almost 2 meters high.



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