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Webpage Terms of Use

Access to the MULIARDO FQD web page implies acceptance of the conditions governing this website, which are the following: (i) this legal notice, (ii) the privacy policy, (iii) the cookies policy and ( iv) the conditions of purchase if applicable (hereinafter, the “MULIARDO FQD Policies”). We recommend that all users of the portal carefully read the MULIARDO FQD Policies before accessing the site. In case of doubt, we are at your disposal on our E-mail address.

By these conditions, you agree to use the portal in accordance with the law, morals, public order and generally accepted good practices. Therefore, you will refrain from: (1) using the MULIARDO FQD web page for purposes that are illicit or contrary to the MULIARDO FQD Policies, (2) for purposes that are harmful or that could damage the image of MULIARDO FQD on the market , and (3) perform any act that could harm or disrupt the proper functioning of the MULIARDO FQD web page, as well as the services offered, computer equipment, files, databases belonging to MULIARDO FQD or their owners legitimate, contained or stored in any of the sections that make up the MULIARDO FQD web page.

At the first evidence of fraudulent or illegal use of the MULIARDO FQD web page and/or the services available on this page, MULIARDO FQD will have the right to cancel any order or service requested and notify the corresponding authorities.


Artistic Property  and Intellectual Property

The copyrights and other intellectual and artistic property rights on all content of the MULIARDO FQD web page (including, but not limited to): images, videos, audio files, photographs, graphics, texts , designs, labels, the design of the MULIARDO FQD web page and its source code), as well as on the registered trademarks, trade names and logotypes belong to MULIARDO FQD, and to its legitimate owners. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden for the user, or for third parties, to copy, modify, reproduce, distribute or adapt them without the prior and express authorization of the owners of these contents. The use of or access to the MULIARDO FQD web page does not confer any rights on the user over the contents displayed on this page.

It is prohibited to create links to the MULIARDO FQD web page from websites belonging to third parties without the prior and express consent of MULIARDO FQD.

The “links” that the MULIARDO FQD Web may offer to other web pages and other material belonging to third parties (hereinafter, the “Other Webs”) are provided solely and exclusively for information purposes. MULIARDO FQD does not control the content of Other Webs, only that of the MULIARDO FQD web page. Therefore, MULIARDO FQD will not accept any type of liability derived from damage and/or loss derived from the use of the Other Webs.



MULIARDO FQD has implemented all reasonable means to ensure that the information obtained through the MULIARDO FQD web page is as accurate and close to reality as possible. However, MULIARDO FQD does not guarantee the accuracy, integrity and timeliness of this information.

MULIARDO FQD reserves the right to modify or eliminate, at any time, and without notice, the contents and configuration of the MULIARDO FQD web page, being able to limit, suspend or prevent partial or total access to the MULIARDO FQD web page. because of its absolute discretion. Likewise, MULIARDO FQD declines all responsibility in the event of interference, omission, interruption, failure or disconnection that occurs for reasons beyond the control of MULIARDO FQD.

Despite all reasonable efforts to prevent, among other things, the MULIARDO FQD web page from being the subject of viruses or acts of piracy, it is impossible for MULIARDO FQD to guarantee this. Therefore, MULIARDO FQD declines all responsibility for any damage or harm that may be caused to the hardware or software of users' computers when accessing the MULIARDO FQD web page.



The user will respond directly for the damages and prejudices that may arise as a direct or indirect consequence of the non-respect or the absence of observance of the MULIARDO FQD Policies.

The user is solely responsible for any infringements that may be attributable to him or for any damage that he may cause while using the MULIARDO FQD web page. MULIARDO FQD will be exempt from any liability that may arise from the actions of the user.

Payment methods

- Credit / Debit Cards


- Offline Payments


All MULIARDO FQD products do not benefit from the legal warranty system. MULIARDO FQD makes no other warranties. MULIARDO FQD will not be liable for incidental or consequential damages. If you believe that your MULIARDO FQD product contains a defect, it is an artistic defect.

There is no possibility of returning MULIARDO FQD products to MULIARDO FQD. 

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